Powerful insights on all of data

It’s integrate, simple, flexible, and incredibly fast. Best of all, it analyze the power of our, yours and 3rd party cutting-edge analytics delivering more marketing insights to you and your teams.

An intelligence data management platform

A rich set of data is collected at a granular level by Leadmark’s intelligence data management platform. The data is collected, cleansed and harmonized in a powerful database that acts not only as a modeling and analytic platform for the performance analysis but also as a database for developing rich and insightful business reporting.

Real business insights

Leadmark delivers business success with unified marketing measurement tools, analysis and reporting, powering great decisions and driving growth.
Our Marketing Technology Platform provides insights that aren’t just academically interesting, but lead to real business actions and measured results.

  • Allocate spend to the most effective channels
  • Improve the efficiency of campaigns
  • Understand complex consumer behavior
  • Marketing and trading analytics for more powerful business decisions
  • Waste less time with improved reporting

Data Acquisition Management

Generate, load, transform and integrate data from any and all sources, including powerful third-party data sets available directly on the Marketing Intelligence platform. Then manage that data without all the usual hassles.

Analysis & Modeling

Ask and answer any analytical question, from simple to sophisticated. Leverage interfaces tailored for every user type and system performance offering lightning-quick query response times.

Reporting & Visualization

Deliver insights to those who need them through powerful enterprise reporting, featuring standardized KPIs and guided, ad hoc capabilities. Conduct data visualization against all your big data, directly on the platform.

Application Development

Create and deploy rich analytical applications in our fully integrated development environment. Optionally connect to your favorite tools using provided SDKs, APIs and drivers.

Data Sharing & Monetization

Collaborate with trusted partners using shared data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Drive new revenue streams and monetize your data by distributing via our platform.

Market Intelligence

Gain a comprehensive view of your performance in relation to your competition, as well as a demographic and socioeconomic landscape, per metropolitan area.