Leadmark is an international pioneering marketing technology business hub that consists of a multi-skilled team of Martech Specialists that utilize Artificial Intelligence Solutions. Our mission is to Optimize Marketing Investment through one Unified Data Management Platform that rules All Big Data.


Artificial Intelligence is changing Marketing as we know it. Now, you can utilize the potential of AI to:

  • Forecast sales
  • Optimize marketing KPIs
  • Eliminate wasted budget
  • Enhance competitive advantage

How can you do this?
With Leadmark’s Response Optimization Platform.
Our solution summarizes in 4 main points:

  • Unified Data Management
  • Brand Performance Optimization
  • Sales Forecasting & Marketing Mix Modeling
  • TV & Digital Attribution and Advanced Metrics

A powerful system to deliver maximum value

Our Total Marketing Technology Solution intergrades an intelligent data management platform, services from industry experts and ad hoc data generation. It is a powerful system to deliver maximum value for our clients.

Technology without accompanying service seldom succeeds. Our services focus on maximizing benefits of our intelligence technology as an alternative to the generic approaches of analytics providers. Our wide range experience reveals that a balanced approach is most likely to deliver long term value.

Better & safer decisions

Our Marketing Intelligence Platform and tools improve efficiency and profitability by pinpointing the level of marketing activity required to maximize sales and profit and minimize costs. Our approach leverages advanced econometric models that first determine the performance and ROI of your various marketing tactics. We then incorporate cost components and budget constraints to find the optimal allocation of resources in marketing portfolio to reach the required sales and profit goals.

Put your DATA to WORK for you WITH AI

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, Leadmark can positively help you to make effective marketing decisions with accuracy, in near-real time.
Seize the opportunity to increase sales and optimize all conversion rates relying on the evidence-based data of our marketing technology solutions.